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Welcome. My name is Peter Nielsen. I am 49, Danish, live in Kiel (Germany), a practicing buddhist for many years, happily married, work within an EU-project, and I play the blues.


I have played the guitar for many years, mostly by my self. Now I seek the company of other musicians simply because it brings so much more dynamic and power.

My inner drive is towards the feeling of oneness with the music and the band members as we play, and the thrill of inspiring other people through our music. 



Current band members: Lead guitar (me, the one-man band)

Upcoming band members:
Vocal. I do sing, but I'm not a great singer, and I think it's a bit much to sing and play lead at the same time, all the time. So, we (the FHR band) are looking for a female blues-rock singer around Kiel.
Later we will invite drums and bass, and maybe even rhythm guitar and keys.

In deep gratitude to all the great musicians we have learned from